Not all micro irrigation fittings are created equal..

Posted on October 25, 2018

There is nothing worse than seeing a drip irrigation system, which is an efficient way of watering with a blown off fitting, wasting water. Ratepayers in particular hate seeing this water wastage. The folks at Antelco have thought about this and have developed a range called DB (Double Barb) fittings

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When drippers aren't necessarily drippers...

Posted on October 11, 2018

Thinking about putting in some drippers for your home garden then consider this. Plants in a home garden are varying by size, type, micro climate and subsequently their water usage, whereas in a commercial horticultural application such as a vineyard or orchard the plant variation is generally less, and uniform

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Checklist for a trouble-free micro irrigation system

Posted on September 12, 2018

Micro Irrigation systems operate best at low pressure and have small outlets, so you should address a few key things to have a trouble-free system. The system should incorporate the following key components: 1. Pressure Reducer – This is attached to the water source (tap or timer) and is designed

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How many drippers or sprays can I run at once?

Posted on November 03, 2017

The following Factsheet explains how to determine the water supply available from your tap and what this means as to how many Antelco drippers or sprays that you can run at once. All you need is: A standard (9 litre) household bucketA stopwatch or watch with seconds hand. 

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Typical recommended layout of our Potstream System

Posted on November 01, 2017

We are often asked how our systems go together so we thought we would write this article to show how our Potstream system for potted plants goes together. Protecting your system Importantly your system should incorporate a pressure regulator and filter to protect the system from pressure blowouts and contaminants

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Irrigation Equipment: Facts to Consider

Posted on September 20, 2017

TIPS Contract a professional irrigation designer; insist on a system to suit your plants and your soil.Install efficient micro-irrigation emitters wherever possible. Install an irrigation controller with multiple programs, seasonal adjustment, and a rain switch. Consider soil moisture devices.Mulch around your plants to conserve water in the soil. Irrigate to

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The warmer weather is finally here in Australia..

Posted on September 19, 2017

Spring has sprung.. Now is the time of year to check or install irrigation systems for the warmer season ahead. At Antelco we have a family of adjustable watering products perfect for home garden use. This enables the gardener to set and fine tune the water required for each individual

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Drip & Micro Irrigation Systems Maintenance

Posted on June 01, 2017

Agricultural Drip and Micro Irrigation Systems Maintenance Introduction The most common problem facing Drip and Micro Irrigation systems is clogging of the emitters. This can be caused by a build up of sediments, silts, inorganic and organic matter which can partially or fully clog emitters. Maintenance of drip and micro

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Potstream™ – The new watering standard for potted plants

Posted on April 01, 2017

PotstreamTM is the new fully adjustable watering device for potted plants and container watering. It has been fully Australian designed and manufactured by Antelco Pty Ltd, Australia’s premier micro irrigation solutions provider. The PotstreamTM was designed from the bottom up by firstly considering the peeves of potted plant watering. Our

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