Antelco a world leading manufacturer and marketer of micro irrigation products.

High quality, low volume, micro irrigation products for efficient water distribution.

Antelco produces fit for purpose irrigation products for home owners, landscapers and agricultural markets to promote responsible water use worldwide.

Experienced engineers, product developers and marketeers, with a wealth of industry knowledge, create quality and cost effective micro irrigation products. All products undergo rigorous field testing and quality control measures so that any faults or imperfections can be designed out, resulting in a fault-free, quality product worthy of the Antelco name.

In a world of regulations and restrictions on water use, Antelco strives to develop new and sustainable solutions that can meet the challenge of managing our finite water resources.

Watering Tips and News

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Rotor Rain® Plus Mini Sprinkler
Rotor Rain® Plus high Performance Mini Sprinklers

Posted on June 29, 2022

Coming from a pedigree line of mini sprinklers, the Rotor Rain® Plus is packed full of features that we are sure growers will love. Designed specifically for orchards and row...

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Shrubbler® in Hanging Pot
Hop to it this Easter

Posted on April 11, 2022

Are you going away this Easter long weekend? It is important to remember those plants that don’t get to enjoy the benefits of a good watering from the rain. Plants...

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