Typical recommended layout of our Potstream System

Posted on November 01, 2017

We are often asked how our systems go together so we thought we would write this article to show how our Potstream system for potted plants goes together.

Protecting your system

Importantly your system should incorporate a pressure regulator and filter to protect the system from pressure blowouts and contaminants. These should be installed at the water source.

Supply Tubing

Run your supply tubing (13mm) from the water source around the pots you want to water. Use elbows, tees and end sleeves as required. We recommend you use Ratchet Clamps #15 on each barb connection to secure the poly joints. End sleeves are better than plugs as you can periodically flush the supply tubing.

Feeder (Micro) Tubing

Feeder tubing is used to connect the Potstream's to the supply tubing. A tube punch is used to pierce a hole in the supply tubing and a connection is made using a 4mm Easy Insert Joiner. The other end of the tube is connected to the Potstream. A Tidy Bow clip on elbow is clipped onto the feeder tubing at the base of the pot for a neat installation.

Adjusting your system

The Potstream's have an adjustment knob which can be opened or closed to control the flow to each pot.

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