Operating your micro irrigation system over the season ahead

Posted on September 26, 2018

As we come out of winter and into Spring, the time has come to commence watering your garden beds. If you have a micro irrigation system you might not be sure of how long to and when to water. There are many factors to consider when watering your garden like:

1. Soil type and the moisture it retains, drains and when runoff occurs.

2. If you are using mulch on your garden which tends to help retain moisture.

3. The aspect of your garden is it in full sun or shade.

4. What types of plants you have from water saving to needing plenty of water.

5. The climate and weather conditions.

As you can see with all these variables it can be quite tricky to get your watering right. To assist you in developing you watering schedules this season we have developed a simple one-page Micro Irrigation Watering Guide factsheet.

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