Prepare your micro irrigation system for extreme hot weather conditions..

Posted on November 25, 2020

Australia is expecting extremely hot weather conditions and our gardens can suffer. If you have a micro irrigation system you will probably have to make some adjustments for these conditions.

Micro irrigation applies low volumes of water and is designed to apply water over longer periods of time. Basically, this means that you need to do the following in these conditions:

1. Prior to the onset of hot weather apply an extended watering period to deliver water deeper into the soil profile. This will help your plants deal with oncoming heat stress.

2. During the heatwave:

  • Increase your watering time significantly. It is not uncommon to double your watering time in these extreme heat conditions.
  • Increase your watering frequency. You could be watering once per day or every couple of days. In these conditions it is a good idea to reduce plant stress by watering more than once per day.
  • Consider doing some hand watering (spraying) for your more sensitive plants during the heat to reduce the chances of foliage burn.

3. Applying water quickly and effectively; before, during and after a heat spell will help protect your plants

Look and monitor your plants for signs of leaf stress and adjust your watering to suit whilst these conditions persist. Keep cool…

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