Potstream™ – The new watering standard for potted plants

Posted on April 01, 2017

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PotstreamTM is the new fully adjustable watering device for potted plants and container watering. It has been fully Australian designed and manufactured by Antelco Pty Ltd, Australia’s premier micro irrigation solutions provider. 

The PotstreamTM was designed from the bottom up by firstly considering the peeves of potted plant watering. Our research showed the following: 

  • There is water wastage and soil media washout when watering by hand. 
  • There are differing water requirements per plant. 
  • There are differing pot sizes. 
  • There is differing garden aspects i.e. sun to shade. 
  • Patio stains occur from overwatering. 
  • Existing irrigation methods are untidy. 
  • Existing irrigation methods require the dripper to be placed in the middle of the pot and this is not possible with the plant trunk location in the centre of the pot. 

To address these peeves the design of the PotstreamTM includes the following: 

  • A side mounted watering location. 
  • An adjustable watering pattern from shut off to distributing water across the pot, via the easily accessible adjustment knob. 
  • Light gentle targeted streams to apply water at a low application rate. 
  • Tidy micro tube location down the side of the pot. 
  • Can be disassembled for flushing and cleaning. 

PotstreamTM is now available through your nearest Antelco Distributor. For further information please contact Antelco Pty Ltd on 08 8334 4333 or adelaide@antelco.com.au 

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