Prepare your irrigation system for the festive season

Posted on December 20, 2022

With the festive season here and holiday plans well under way, it’s important to remember to prepare your irrigation system for your time away. Follow these simple steps for preparing your irrigation system:

1. Check for breaks and leaks in your pipework system – Use quality Antelco barbed poly fittings and Repair plugs to repair any leaks or breaks in your system. It is always a good idea to use Ratchet Clamps over barbed fittings to secure the pipe to the fitting.

2. Check your drippers/sprays/sprinklers - Check that all drippers, sprays and sprinklers are working correctly i.e. they are outputting the right amount of water and watering the right area. Adjust, replace or clean any faulty emitters.

3. Clean any sediments in the pipework system – It is a good idea to flush your pipework system by opening the ends of the lines and operate the system to flush out any contaminants. Run the system until the water runs clear and then reseal the ends.

4. Filters - It is a good time to dismantle and clean any filters in the system/s by cleaning them under a running tap and brushing with an old toothbrush if dirty.

5. Automation system – if you are using a tap timer or irrigation controller, check its operation and set a schedule for your time away. Checking the weather forecast can help assist when planning your schedule.

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