From Vineyards and orchards to backyards and garden beds... Take control with Antelco Valves

Posted on March 04, 2021

Wanting a simple solution for water diversion and flow control in your irrigation system? Then Australian made Antelco Valves are perfect for allowing you to control where water goes in your garden.

Antelco Valves are perfect as an on/off valve in irrigation for landscape and agricultural use, e.g. gardens, landscape applications, drip and under tree sprinkler systems, and as system flushing valve.

Antelco’s range of Green Back® and Purple Back® Valves are designed and manufactured in Australia.

Antelco Quick Action Valves are suited to low pressure irrigation systems up to 300 kPa.

Easily identifiable by their Green and Purple (for recycled water use only) button tops, these valves feature a large rounded top, ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand making them easy to turn for on/off operation.

Green Back® and Purple Back® Valves allow for multiple irrigation systems to be connected to the one water source. By installing an Antelco valve at the beginning of your system, you can easily control which section of your garden is being watered as well as controlling how long that section receives water. This allows for greater control over watering times and leads to less water wastage.

Antelco Valves are the perfect addition to your micro irrigation system.

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