Why you should think about using adjustable drippers for your home garden…

Posted on February 07, 2018

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There are basically two types of drippers used in home gardens, fixed and adjustable.

Fixed drippers as the name suggests providing a fixed and uniform flow to your garden, whereas adjustable drippers flow rate can be altered.

There are differing quality of adjustable drippers with the best being the Antelco Shrubbler. This is the best because the flow rate mechanism is well engineered, indexed and controlled by clicking the top.

In the peak of summer, you can adjust (“tune”) the individual flow rates to suit your plants and their micro climate. In a fixed system you can only increase the run time of the system and not vary watering to individual plant needs. The Shrubbler is one of the world’s best adjustable drippers made in Australia for our harsh conditions. More information on the Antelco Shrubbler can be found

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