Potted Plant watering made easy

Posted on October 25, 2021

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Potted plants are a beautiful accessory to any garden, but when it comes to keeping them watered they can create a few frustrations.

Some common peeves of potted plant watering are:

  • Water wastage and soil washout when watering by hand.
  • Differing water requirements per plant and pot.
  • Various pot sizes.
  • Different growing conditions i.e. sun versus shade.
  • Patio stains occur from overwatering.

The solution is the Potstream® Adjustable Flow Dripper.

The Potstream® is a side mounted watering device that has an adjustable watering flow, from shut off to full distribution across the whole pot. This allows for total control over how much water is delivered to each pot, depending on their watering requirements and pot size.

The Potstream® produces a light gentle stream that applies water at a low application rate, minimising soil disturbance and overwatering.

The side mount feature of the Potstream® allows for the micro tube to be neatly located down the side of the pot, keeping it out of view and walkways. The Potstream® can also be taken apart for flushing and cleaning to ensure a quality watering performance each time.

When it comes to potted plant watering, don’t get frustrated, get the Antelco Potstream® Adjustable Flow.

Potstream® is available through your nearest Antelco Distributor.

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