Reclaim your water

Posted on November 21, 2022

The growing demand on managing our finite freshwater resources has seen an increase in the use of recycled water for irrigation purposes.

The Australian Made ReuZit® range of recycled water products are specifically designed for domestic and commercial Aerobic Treatment Systems (ATS)

ReuZit® products are easily identified by their purple colour, the International industry standard for non potable water. Purple Back® Valve caps are clearly stamped "DO NOT DRINK". 

The ReuZit® range includes sprays, sprinklers and valves suitable for operation at low pressure which is typical for recycled water systems. ReuZit® products have large nozzle sizes to help reduce clogging and product heights are less than the recommended installation height for Recycled water products.

ReuZit® products should be installed in well mulched garden beds with signage specifying recycled water is being used. It is also important to ensure water does not run off from garden beds.

Visit your nearest Antelco Distributor for more information on the ReuZit® range.

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