Under Tree Watering

Posted on February 15, 2023

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As we continue to see warm days in some parts of Australia, weather experts predict these conditions will continue until the end of Autumn.

It is important to remember that even on the milder days, particular trees and ornamentals still require deep root watering.

Made in Australia, the Antelco CFd® DownSpray is a 360° downward spray jet specifically designed for under tree watering.

The 45° downward spray pattern reduces the effect of wind and improves water efficiency. The spray pattern is designed to ensure even distribution across the entire wetted surface area, ensuring no over or under watered patches. The gentle spray minimises damage to delicate foliage making it suitable for smaller shrubs and roses.

The CFd® DownSpray Galvanised Rod Stake Assembly has a built-in Shut-Off clip that allows for the flow to be stopped to individual downsprays without causing disruption to the rest of the system. This makes it perfectly for nursery applications where there is a high rotation of pots.

Available in six colour coded flow rate nozzle sizes, there is a CFd DownSpray to suit your watering needs.

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