Hop to it...

Posted on March 31, 2021

Looking for something to do this upcoming Easter long weekend? It is the perfect time to give your irrigation system some TLC.

The most common problem facing Drip and Micro Irrigation systems is clogging of the emitters. This can be caused by a build up of sediments, silts, inorganic and organic matter in the supply line, which can partially or fully clog emitters. The key to a successful trouble-free drip and micro irrigation systems is maintenance.

Follow these simple steps for maintain your irrigation system:

1. Check your drippers/sprays/sprinklers - Check that all drippers, sprays and sprinklers are working correctly i.e. they are outputting the right amount of water and watering the right area. Adjust, clean or replace any faulty emitters.

2. Clean any sediments in the supply line – It is a good idea to regularly flush your pipework system by opening the ends of the lines and operate the system to flush out any contaminants. Run the system until the water runs clear and then reseal the ends.

3. Filters - It is a good time to dismantle and clean any filters in the system by cleaning them under a running tap and brushing with an old toothbrush if dirty.

4. Automation system – If you are using a tap timer or irrigation controller check its operation and reset the schedule to suit the changing season. As we are entering Autumn and the weather begins to cool your plants require less water. It is important to re-evaluate the number and length of watering cycles to achieve the best results for your garden and best water efficient practices.

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