Not all Micro Irrigation Fittings are created equal

Posted on January 06, 2021

There is nothing worse than investing in a water efficient drip irrigation system, to then waste water through leaking or blown off fittings. Antelco’s range of poly fittings and ratchet clamps are Australian made using only high quality, recyclable materials. Antelco fittings are designed with Australia’s harsh conditions in mind

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All your potted plant watering peeves solved

Posted on December 09, 2020

Meet the Potstream®, a fully adjustable watering device for potted plants and container watering. 100% designed and manufactured in Australia by Antelco Pty Ltd, the Potstream® will end all your pot watering woes. The Potstream® was designed from the bottom up by firstly considering the top peeves of potted plant

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Up the Stakes in your garden beds

Posted on September 29, 2020

Thinking of adding an irrigation system to your garden beds, or upgrading your existing system? Antelco has released a new Micro Stake perfect for securing micro sprays in garden beds. The clever stake design provides greater retention in soil while the retaining hole secures the tube close to the stake

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Prepare for the new season with Antelco

Posted on September 17, 2020

Getting your irrigation system ready for the upcoming summer season? Look no further than the 2020 Antelco Irrigation Equipment catalogue. Featuring our range of: Drippers Sprays Sprinklers Valves Fittings Accessories Whether you are a designer, specifier, installer or end user we trust you will find our publication useful for your

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Watering your home vegetable garden

Posted on April 29, 2020

As people adjust to life in these unprecedented times, Australia has seen an increase in popularity of the home veggie patch. The unpredictability of our weather means that even in winter you might need irrigation as a backup to get the most out of your winter veggies. Antelco has a

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Growth in home gardening soars during COVID-19

Posted on April 15, 2020

As people stay at home in isolation in these unprecedented times, home gardening has become very popular and as the dry conditions have remained so has the need for irrigation. Antelco has just released its 2020 Irrigation equipment catalogue full of South Australian made and developed irrigation products for your

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New Micro Stake for garden micro sprays

Posted on April 01, 2020

Antelco has released a new Micro Stake for secure location of micro sprays in garden beds. The new stakes feature: Tube piercing point on each stake tip allows creation of holes in laterals, removing the need for a separate installation tool.Robust and aesthetically pleasing designRetaining hole in stake to align

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Antelco Dripper Selection Guide

Posted on March 18, 2020

Antelco has a range of drippers to suit many diverse applications. There are adjustable, fixed and pressure compensating types with different flow rates which can be matched to suit your garden. Features are available such as cleanable, anchored (spikes), suitable for low pressure (tanks), self- cleaning and insect baffles. Antelco

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Irrigation Equipment: Facts to Consider

Posted on September 20, 2017

TIPS Contract a professional irrigation designer; insist on a system to suit your plants and your soil.Install efficient micro-irrigation emitters wherever possible. Install an irrigation controller with multiple programs, seasonal adjustment, and a rain switch. Consider soil moisture devices.Mulch around your plants to conserve water in the soil. Irrigate to

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Drip & Micro Irrigation Systems Maintenance

Posted on June 01, 2017

Agricultural Drip and Micro Irrigation Systems Maintenance Introduction The most common problem facing Drip and Micro Irrigation systems is clogging of the emitters. This can be caused by a build up of sediments, silts, inorganic and organic matter which can partially or fully clog emitters. Maintenance of drip and micro

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Potstream™ – The new watering standard for potted plants

Posted on April 01, 2017

PotstreamTM is the new fully adjustable watering device for potted plants and container watering. It has been fully Australian designed and manufactured by Antelco Pty Ltd, Australia’s premier micro irrigation solutions provider. The PotstreamTM was designed from the bottom up by firstly considering the peeves of potted plant watering. Our

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