Protect your micro irrigation system by installing a pressure regulator

Posted on July 05, 2022

The problem

Have you ever installed a micro irrigation system for a home garden and turned it on and found the parts blow off causing leaks and damages. Chances are you have installed a system on a high pressure mains supply that has a small flow rate without a pressure regulator.

The solution

With micro irrigation systems it is best to install a preset pressure regulator that provides a constant downstream pressure over its recommended flow range.

Selecting your pressure regulator

When selecting a pressure regulator, you need to consider the total flow rate of the system as well as the inlet pressure and the required regulated downstream pressure. Pressure regulators have minimum and maximum flow rate limits between which they will provide optimal pressure regulation.

The Antelco pressure regulators work with a flow rate between 6 gph (6 x 1 gph drippers) and 480 gph (480 x 1 gph drippers).

Installing your pressure regulator

The pressure regulator is best installed at the start of the system so that it protects all the low pressure micro irrigation components. They are commonly installed direct to:

  • a garden tap or manual valve (either on the tap or after a tap timer)
  • the outlet of automatic solenoid valves such as eZyvalve®4

At Antelco we recommend all mains supplied micro irrigation should be installed with a pressure regulator to ensure trouble free life for your system.

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