Checklist for a trouble-free Micro Irrigation system

Posted on May 12, 2021

Micro Irrigation systems operate best at low pressure and have small outlets that can easily get blocked and disrupt water flow. There are a few key elements that are must-have inclusions to ensuring a trouble-free system. The system should incorporate the following key components:

1. Pressure Reducer – This is attached to the water source (tap or timer) and is designed to provide a constant downstream pressure regardless of the higher mains pressure. It helps prevent the micro irrigation system from bursts and leaks due to high pressure and ensures that drippers and sprays work at their correct pressure. We recommend a 25 psi Antelco Pressure Regulator.

2. Inline Filter – A filter should be installed inline at the tap (after the pressure reducer) to trap any contaminants that can come through the water and block drippers or sprays. It is easier to clean one filter than it is to clean or replace many drippers or sprays.

3. Ratchet Clamps – these clamps are installed over the poly pipe and barbed fitting to prevent the pipe coming off the fitting. Antelco’s Ratchet Clamps feature sharp serrated teeth that lock firmly in place to provide a secure hold of the tube to fitting.

4. End Flushing points – The best end flushing points are the Figure 8 End Closure because they can be easily dismantled to allow you to periodically flush out any accumulated sediments.

With these crucial elements in place, you should enjoy a trouble-free micro irrigation system.

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