Triple Treats for watering your garden

Posted on May 09, 2022

Looking for the perfect watering device for your garden? Antelco has you covered.

Shrubbler® 360° Full Circle Adjustable Flow

Shrubblers® are perfect for localized plant watering. Rotate the cap to adjust flow and coverage to suit plant's needs. Can be placed at ground level, or elevated above foliage using an Asta® Stake.

Mini Bubbler 360° Full Circle Adjustable Flow

Mini Bubblers have your fruit and larger trees covered. The gentle umbrella pattern allows for more water to be applied in a shorter amount of time. Place at the plant root zone for targeted watering.

Spectrum 360° Full Circle Adjustable Flow

Spectrums are perfect for all your larger garden bed watering. Place above plant foliage and watch the fine water droplets as they provide full coverage.

Armed with these products you can "tune" your watering system to suit your growing garden.

Antelco is Putting Water Where it Counts!®
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