Not all Micro Irrigation Fittings are made equal

Posted on August 02, 2022

There is nothing worse than investing in a water efficient drip irrigation system, to then waste water through leaking or blown off fittings.

Antelco’s range of poly fittings and ratchet clamps are made using only high quality, recyclable materials.

Antelco fittings are designed with the harshest of conditions in mind and are manufactured using UV stabilized materials for long life.

Combine Antelco fittings with our range Ratchet Clamps for the ultimate leak-proof seal. Ratchet Clamps are designed with smooth edges to allow for easy assembly by hand.

The sharp serrated teeth provide a secure lock to firmly hold tube to fitting. The clamps can be easily twisted and unclamped if required without causing damage to the clamp or the tube.

When it comes to poly fittings and clamps, not all are created equal. Insist on Antelco for your micro irrigation systems.

Antelco fittings are available through your nearest Antelco Distributor. For further information please contact Antelco at

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