Take control of your garden with Antelco Valves

Posted on March 20, 2024

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When establishing an irrigation system, it is crucial to incorporate zoning in your garden to guarantee that each section receives the suitable amount of water tailored to its specific requirements. Yet, in many urban gardens, there is a constraint on the number of available water taps, limiting the direct connection of irrigation systems to the water source.

One solution is to use Australian-made Antelco valves. Valves allow you to establish multiple irrigation systems that can be connected to a single water source.

By installing an Antelco valve at the beginning of your system, you can easily control which section of your garden is being watered as well as controlling how long that section receives water. This allows for greater control over watering times and leads to less water wastage.

Antelco valves are designed with an ergonomic top that comfortably fits in your hand, allowing for easy turning for on/off operations. The large, brightly colored button also facilitates quick identification.

Antelco Green Back® and Purple Back® valves come in barbed models for standard tubing connections at both inlet and outlet, or threaded models for connection from rain tanks or non-pressured containers.

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