Drip Irrigation for your Summer veggies

Posted on May 18, 2022

Did you know Drip Irrigation is a great way to water your veggies?

Drippers are designed to release water at slower rates than traditional methods and can be placed at the root zone, allowing for optimal watering of your veggies and reduced water wastage.

Antelco has a range of dripper products perfect for keeping your vegetables happy and hydrated.

From adjustable flow drippers such as the Shrubbler®, to fixed flow options like the Asta® PC Spike, Antelco has a product to suit your vegie patch.

The Shrubbler® Spike comes with an adjustable cap that alters the flow and coverage so watering needs can change as your plant grows. This makes it the perfect choice for your veggies from seedling right through to maturity.

The Shrubbler® Spike comes with a 0.16" barb for connection to 0.16" ID micro tube and a stake for secure positioning directly at the plant root zone.

Asta® PC Spike drippers have pre-set fixed flow rates meaning only the set amount of water will be dispersed per hour. This is helpful in ensuring all your seedlings are getting the same amount of water.

With three color coded flow rates (1/2 gph, 1 gph & 2 gph), Asta® PC Spike drippers can be easily mixed and matched throughout your veggie patch to ensure all your vegetables are getting the right amount of water for their needs.

Asta® PC Spike drippers come with a 0.16" barb for connecting to 0.16" ID micro tube and specially designed stake that can be securely positioned in a variety of potting mediums.

Combined with our extensive range of fittings and accessories, Antelco has everything you need to complete your veggie patch irrigation system.

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