Asta® Drip PC Spike Dripper
When precision matters do it with Asta® Drip PC

Posted on June 23, 2021

Every irrigator, from the home gardener to the professional nursery manager, knows the challenge of putting the right amount of water onto each plant. Differences in elevation, in distance from...
Simplify your irrigation system with eZyvalve™4

Posted on June 16, 2021

One of the struggles of garden irrigation is how to automate multiple irrigation zones throughout your garden using one easy to use mess free system. South Australian made eZyvalve™4 is...
Antelco Fittings
Not all Micro Irrigation Fittings are created equal

Posted on June 02, 2021

There is nothing worse than investing in a water efficient drip irrigation system, to then waste water through leaking or blown off fittings. Antelco’s range of poly fittings and ratchet...
Green Back® Valve
Take control in your garden

Posted on May 05, 2021

Wanting a simple solution for water diversion and flow control in your irrigation system? Then Antelco's Green Back® Valves are perfect for allowing you to control where water goes in...
Shrubbler® Adjustable Flow
Triple Treats for watering your garden

Posted on April 28, 2021

Looking for the perfect watering device for your garden? Antelco has you covered. Shrubbler® 360° Full Circle Adjustable Flow Shrubblers® are perfect for localised plant watering. Rotate the cap...
Pinch Drip™ PC Dripper
Guide to installing Micro Irrigation

Posted on April 21, 2021

When thinking of installing an irrigation system, sometimes knowing where to start can seem quite daunting. Here are some helpful tips and advice to set you on the right path...
G - Potstream
All your potted plant peeves solved

Posted on April 14, 2021

Meet the Potstream®, a fully adjustable watering device for potted plants and container watering. The Potstream® will end all your pot watering woes. The Potstream® was designed from the bottom...
Micro Stake C Fa
New Micro Stake for garden micro sprays

Posted on April 01, 2020

Antelco has released a new Micro Stake for secure location of micro sprays in garden beds. The new stakes feature: Tube piercing point on each stake tip allows creation of...
Screen Filter Cut Away
Irrigation Equipment: Facts to Consider

Posted on September 20, 2017

TIPS Contract a professional irrigation designer; insist on a system to suit your plants and your soil.Install efficient micro-irrigation emitters wherever possible. Install an irrigation controller with multiple programs, seasonal...
CETA® PC 4lph (1 gph)
Drip & Micro Irrigation Systems Maintenance

Posted on June 01, 2017

Agricultural Drip and Micro Irrigation Systems Maintenance Introduction The most common problem facing Drip and Micro Irrigation systems is clogging of the emitters. This can be caused by a build...
Potstream® Side Shot
Potstream™ – The new watering standard for potted plants

Posted on April 01, 2017

PotstreamTM is the new fully adjustable watering device for potted plants and container watering. It has been fully Australian designed and manufactured by Antelco Pty Ltd, Australia’s premier micro irrigation...