Advantages of Adjustable Emitters for Poly Risers

Posted on April 30, 2024

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When irrigating a larger area of your garden, it's crucial to consider components that enhance efficiency. Poly riser pipes are an excellent choice for this purpose, elevating drip, and spray emitters above ground level to effectively irrigate larger areas.

One major advantage of poly risers is their availability in a range of height options, allowing them to accommodate various plant sizes and terrain variations. However, for optimal versatility, pairing them with adjustable emitters is ideal.

Using adjustable emitters designed for riser pipes enables you to adjust flow and coverage by rotating the cap. Antelco offers ½” female threaded drippers and sprays designed for riser pipe installations. The Antelco Spectrum™ in ½” female threaded option is the ideal emitter for over foliage watering, with adjustable spray pattern from zero to a large diameter of 3.5 meters. For optimal watering efficiency, ensure that each Spectrum™ emitter is spaced at an equal radius distance to achieve head-to-head coverage.

Furthermore, Antelco's ½” female threaded emitters can be easily unscrewed from riser pipes. This makes it simple to remove emitters for inspection or to replace them with lower output emitters like the Antelco Shrubbler® or higher-volume output emitters such as the Mini Bubbler, depending on your garden's needs.

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