Leave no plants behind with Pressure Compensating Emitters

Posted on November 07, 2023

To give your plants the best chance of success, it is important equal care is given to each plant, especially when it comes to irrigation.

Pressure compensating emitters are the solution for sharing the love when it comes to even water distribution.

How do pressure compensating emitters work?

Pressure compensating emitters use a flexible silicone diaphragm to restrict water output as inlet pressure increases, thereby giving even watering from all emitters under varying conditions.

Some common applications where pressure compensating emitters are ideal for include, overhead watering, hanging baskets, gardens on sloping sites and variations in the municipal supply pressure. 

Antelco compensating drippers provide even output when inlet pressure varies between 100 to 350 kPa, and Rotor Rain Plus PC does so between 150 and 400 kPa.

Antelco stock a range of pressure compensating drippers and sprinklers suitable for landscaped gardens, through to large horticulture applications.

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