Antelco a world leading manufacturer and marketer of micro irrigation products.

High quality, low volume, micro irrigation products for efficient water distribution.

Founded in Australia, the driest inhabited continent in the world, Antelco knows that innovative irrigation products are needed to promote responsible water use worldwide.

Experienced engineers and product developers, with a wealth of knowledge on plastics materials and the tooling and manufacturing process, create quality and cost effective micro irrigation products. The products undergo rigorous field testing so that any faults or imperfections can be designed out, resulting in a fault-free, quality product worthy of the Antelco name.

In a world of regulations and restrictions on water use, Antelco strives to develop new and sustainable solutions that can meet the challenge of managing our finite water resources.

Watering Tips and News

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A & B - Pressure Regulator And Nut&Tail
Matching the right Micro Irrigation system for your garden...

Posted on May 25, 2022

Matching the right Micro Irrigation system for your garden… If you stand in the aisle of your local hardware store or irrigation outlet you will be amazed at the amount...

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Asta® Drip PC Spike Dripper
Drip Irrigation for your Summer Veggies

Posted on May 18, 2022

Did you know Drip Irrigation is a great way to water your veggies? Drippers are designed to release water at slower rates than traditional methods and can be placed at...

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