Simplify your irrigation system with eZyvalve™4

Posted on June 16, 2021

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One of the struggles of garden irrigation is how to automate multiple irrigation zones throughout your garden using one easy to use mess free system.

South Australian made eZyvalve™4 is a compact valve box neatly housing 4 automatic solenoid valves that can each be connected to a different watering zone in the garden.

The eZyvalve™4 then simply connects to a 4 station irrigation controller, providing a trouble-free way to distribute water throughout your garden.

eZyvalve™4 is an all enclosed weatherproof box that seals tight to prevent water, dust and pests from getting inside. The eZyvalve™4 is designed to be DIY friendly, it comes pre-assembled so no need to plumb valves into a manifold, and easily connects to existing garden taps using the Braided Hose accessory (sold separately).

Available in two models, the eZyvalve™4 24Vac model suits traditional powered controllers while the 9Vdc Latch model is suitable for connecting to battery powered irrigation controllers where connecting to mains power is a problem.

When looking to automate your irrigation system look no further then Antelco’s eZyvalve™4.

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