Buy tough with Double Barb "DB" Fittings™

Posted on July 13, 2022

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Are you tired of leaks and irrigation tubing blowing off? Antelco Double Barb "DB" Fittings™ are built for strength.

Purpose designed using a quality acetal material, Double Barb "DB" Fittings™ offer increased retention and long-term reliability of connections.

Double Barb "DB" Fittings™ feature double sharp-edged barbs that grip tubing tight creating a leak-proof seal. Manufactured with a quality acetal material, DB Fittings are heat, chemical and wear resistant and UV stabilised for long life.

The Double Barb "DB" Fittings™ range suits a variety of lateral tube and dripline tube sizes.

Built to last, Double Barb "DB" Fittings™ provide the confidence to know your system connections will last.

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