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Pressure Regulating Devices

Pressure Regulating Devices

The Pressure Regulating micro manifold converts 1/2” irrigation risers to a multiple outlet micro irrigation system.

Pressure Regulators are ideal for pressure regulation of drip or other low-volume irrigation systems.


Pressure Regulating Micro Manifold:

  • Nine outlets pressure regulated to 25 psi.
  • Outlets can support drip, micro sprays and/or micro stream bubblers.
  • Inlet screen can be removed and cleaned.

Pressure regulators 3/4”

  • Available in 3/4” hose or pipe thread.
  • Maintains a preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures.
  • 15 psi, 25 psi & 30 psi regulators; flows from 6 to 480 gph.


Reducing mains pressure to optimum micro irrigation operating pressure.

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