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KwikCut™ Tools & Accessories

KwikCut™ Tools & Accessories

A range of tools and accessories for irrigation, plumbing, electrical installations and more.


  • Soft-handled covered Crimpers with soft handles for easy clamp installation or removal.
  • The Turf Knife “The Claw” features a fixed hook with serrated blade for cutting turf, roofing materials, and floor coverings.
  • Spring-loaded Wire Strippers with strip holes for 10 to 22 gauge wire.
  • The KwikGlue Tote provides a practical solution for storing and transporting solvent cement and primer cans.
  • Pocket utility knife with a simple push-button mechanism to fold or release the blade.
  • Replacement Utility Knife blades available.


For home gardeners, contractors and professional irrigators.

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