Fittings / Low Density Polyethylene

Micro Fittings

Micro Fittings

A range of fittings and adaptors to use with quality micro tubing in low pressure irrigation systems. A range of sizes suit various tube configurations.


  • Single Barb configurations for connecting to micro or supply tubing.
  • "Quick" thread or 4 mm thread for connecting to Rigid Risers or Micro Stakes.
  • A range of adaptors to suit various configurations.
  • Goof Plugs to repair wrongly punched holes.
  • Vari-Flow™ Valves simple on-off operation controls water flow in irrigation systems.
  • Tidy Bow™ Clip On Elbow clips over micro tubing removing the need for cutting tube and additional micro fittings. Redirects tubing without kinking tube or flow restriction. 
  • Micro Tee connects micro tube to lateral line.


Home gardens, landscaping and glasshouses.

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