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Rotor Rain® Plus PC Pressure Compensating Sprinkler

Rotor Rain® Plus PC Pressure Compensating Sprinkler

The Rotor Rain® Plus Pressure Compensating sprinkler provides a consistent performance over longer rows and on undulating terrain, delivering a more even application of water, fertilizers and chemicals through each sprinkler. Rotor Rain® Plus PC provides a more even sprinkler performance for all sprinkler on the same lateral line. The Socket Driver is an accessory product to support the installation or servicing of Rotor Rain® Plus into threaded adapters, risers and stakes.


  • Pressure Compensating for fixed outlet flows.
  • Profiled double frame to maximize distribution uniformity.
  • Snap off deflector option for young trees.
  • Suspension hole for trellis applications
  • Color coded bases for easy flow rate identification.
  • Easily disassembled for in-field maintenance.
  • High grade silicone diaphragm for long service life.


Orchards and row crops where input pressure varies or terrain is undulating.

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