Fittings / Low Density Polyethylene

DB Fittings

DB Fittings

The DB range of purpose designed quality acetal fittings provides high retention in low pressure poly tubing for long-term reliability of connections.

The DB range can be confidently installed without clamps when matched to quality low pressure poly tubing with corresponding dimensions (refer to the tubing manufacturer for confirmation of suitability or test under field conditions).

Operating pressures up to 300 kPa.

Size options:

13 mm - Suits nominal 13 mm I.D. tube

14 mm - Suits nominal 14 mm I.D. and 16 mm O.D. tube (Dripline)

15 mm - Suits nominal 15 mm I.D. and 17 mm O.D. tube (Dripline)

16 mm - Suits nominal 16 mm I.D. and 18 mm O.D. tube (Dripline)

18 mm - Suits nominal 18 mm I.D. and 20 mm O.D. tube (Dripline)

19 mm - Suits nominal 19 mm I.D. tube

21 mm - Suits nominal 21 mm I.D. and 23 mm O.D. tube (Dripline)

25 mm - Suits nominal 25 mm I.D. tube and 27 mm O.D. tube (Dripline)


  • Double barb for increased retention.
  • Sharp-edged barbs create leak-proof seal.
  • Increased strength and superior quality.
  • Heat, chemical and wear resistant.
  • UV stabilised materials for long life.


Low pressure micro irrigation systems.