Rotor Rain® Plus high Performance Mini Sprinklers

Posted on June 29, 2022

Coming from a pedigree line of mini sprinklers, the Rotor Rain® Plus is packed full of features that we are sure growers will love.

Designed specifically for orchards and row crops the Rotor Rain® Plus range of high performance sprinklers are engineered to maximise water distribution, providing a more even wetted area.

The Rotor Rain® Plus is cleverly designed with a suspension hole moulded into the top of the sprinkler frame. A cable tie neatly fits through the suspension hole allowing for easy installation onto trellis (Suspended Application).
Raising irrigation off the ground reduces the risk of damage to the system during harvesting, weed control and slashing programs.

The Rotor Rain® Plus top frame can be easily twisted to disassemble from the sprinkler base allowing for in field cleaning and inspection
without the need to remove the sprinkler from the supply line.

The Rotor Rain® Plus comes in a range of flow rates, each colour coded for easy identification. Available with a 3/8” male threaded inlet for installation into stakes or a 1/2" male threaded inlet for direct installation into 1/2" risers.

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