Asta® Stakes

The Asta® Stake range provides a variety of solutions for stabilising the components of micro irrigation systems. The registered tri-lobal stake design allows for maximum stability in most soil types.

  • Asta® Stakes available in 4 height options.
  • Asta® Stakes suitable for plasticised PVC and polyethylene tubing.
  • Asta® Stake Hold-Down locates and secures polyethylene tubing (up to
       22 mm OD).
  • Asta® Clip Stake suits two tube sizes: 4 mm x 6 mm and 4 mm x 7 mm
       (maximum 8 mm O.D.).
  • Asta® Stake Assemblies suitable for most micro spray and micro sprinkler
       installations with 4 mm inlets.
  • UV stabilised materials for long life.
    Asta® Stakes for rigid riser stability; Asta® Stake Hold-Down for securing drip and micro irrigation systems; Asta® Stake Assemblies for home and gardens and landscape applications.


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Asta® Stake Adaptor

Securely clips into Antelco's range of Asta® Stakes to stabilise emitter and prevent movement caused during operation. The threaded inlet allows for easy installation of Antelco's range of 10-32 UNF thread and 'Quick' thread products.

  • 4.5 mm barb outlet.
  • 4 mm inlet for use with 10-32 UNF and 'Quick' Thread products.
  • UV stabilised materials for long life.

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Asta® Clip Stake



Asta® Stake



Asta® Stake Assembly

Asta® Stake/
Asta® Stake Adaptor on Asta® Stake