Rotor Spray™ Mini Sprinklers

Durable and reliable with excellent distribution uniformity. Vari-Rotor Spray™ can be adjusted to alter flow and coverage.

  • 'C' Frame design for strength and high distribution uniformity.
  • Full flow flipper suspended between two bearings for reliable
  • Inverted model incorporates special khaki coloured flipper with dust cover
       to protect bearing.
  • Colour coded nozzles to identify flow rates.
  • Threaded for installing into Rigid Risers and 1/2" micro threaded
  • UV stabilised materials for long life.
    Landscape areas, home gardens, nurseries and horticultural applications. Inverted Rotor Spray™ ideal for over-head greenhouse and nursery watering.



Rotor Spray™
10-32 UNF Thread




Inverted Rotor Spray™
10-32 UNF Thread




Vari-Rotor Spray™
10-32 UNF Thread


Asta® Stake
Rotor Spray™ Assembly

Asta® Stake
Vari-Rotor Spray™ Assembly