CETA® PC Agriculture Drippers

A Pressure Compensating dripper with a turbulent flow path.

  • Low manufacturing coefficient of variation (Cv) conforms to ISO 9261.
  • Three colour coded and stamped flow rates - 2lph, 4 lph and 8 lph.
  • Large clog resistant turbulent flow path.
  • The CETA® dripper is able to be taken apart for inspection and cleaning.
  • Insect Baffle to deter insect entry.
  • Self piercing inlet barb with built in filter.
  • Outlet suitable for attaching 4 mm micro tube.
  • Constructed of high quality UV and chemical resistant materials.
    Vineyards, Orchards, Row Crops and Landscape.


CETA® PC 2 lph
Barb 4 mm


CETA® PC 4 lph
Barb 4 mm


CETA® PC 8 lph
Barb 4 mm